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If you have been turned down at other dealerships in the local area and need affordable vehicle financing, Harrisburg Car Credit can help!  Harrisburg Car Credit can help even if you've been turned down by banks and credit unions.

Step #1)  Fill out our Harrisburg Car Credit quick application and get your FREE CREDIT SCORE all without making a hard inquiry on your credit report.  This will relay your score info to a financing specialist at the dealership and they will call to learn about your unique situation the whole process only takes about 2 minutes. Apply now, it's quick, easy and private.

Step #2) Don't let your past credit problems get in the way of getting affordable financing for a good car. We will send you a link to the full application once we have verified some basic info.  A full credit application is always needed at any dealership so we can pull your credit report into to match you up with one of our 27 lenders, local and nationwide. Banks like Capital One, Ally, Westlake, and Credit Acceptance to name a few.

Step #3) Set an appointment with your finance specialist to come in and see some vehicles. Our lendor programs allow us to give you payment info on up to 5 different vehicles at once so we can show you options to fit everyone's budget.  Payments start at $150.00 per month and go up from there based on the vehicle loan amount, value and age.  

We understand that finding the right auto loans at the right rate can be a difficult process. This is especially true if your credit history is less than perfect. That's why we've partnered with numerous bad credit auto loan providers that specialize in providing auto loans for all credit situations. We can help you find the right car, at the best rate, without all the hassle.  PUT YOUR TRUST IN THE CREDIT SPECIALISTS AT HARRISBURG CAR CREDIT TODAY!  Fill out the quick application below. 

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